911 Love

Author: Edwin Baaske
Publisher: Klasing & Company
ISBN: 3768836657
Size: 17.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Celebrates fifty years of the iconic Porsche 911, with stories and photographs from owners around the world.

Morbid Lovers

Author: Samantha August
Publisher: Morbid Lovers
ISBN: 0692230009
Size: 19.76 MB
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Samantha August was a 911 Dispatcher trying to find the man of her dreams in a very exclusive world filled with Fireman and Law Enforcement Officers. Sam was determined that she would not be a badge bunny, so she signed up for online dating. Sam found her happiness in dating millionaires, until her world came to a screeching halt. April Fools Day 2010, Sam was almost killed in an accident near Vail, Colorado. Samantha put dating on hold. Well, her kind of hold. After many intense love affairs and staring death straight in the face, Samantha met JT. They were destined to live a life of passionate love, and have a wild journey together. JT wasn't a Millionaire, he was a COP. He sure seemed to have the life and morbid sense of humor that Samantha desired. The two morbid lovers fell madly in love. Deep in love. Deep in the grave deep. Their passion for each other was evident to the entire Police Department until Samantha heard JT die. This is my TRUE 911 Love Story.

Friendship 911

Author: Josh McDowell
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 9781418552367
Size: 16.24 MB
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This is an eight-session youth group meeting experience designed to equip young people to respond to the toughest crises their peers may face. Addressing each issue covered in the Friendship 911 Collection, students learn how to help their friends with "Tender Loving Care" and in the process become a powerful witness of God's love and care. Students also complete daily activities between group sessions, 35 activities in all. An optional video supplement augments each youth group session with powerful visuals and dramatic illustrations of youth struggling with each of the eight crises. Shaded sections in the Friendship 911 Leader's Guide indicate when and how to use this optional video supplement.

911 Hello Mr God

Author: Rev. Rayka Stasiak
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781468538649
Size: 13.15 MB
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We have struggled for the last 2,000 years with the karmic lessons and experiences of power, technology and love. Now we are entering a new evolutionary period calling for the balancing of the scientific and spiritual worlds within the individual and planet. Mankind stands at the thresholds, the decision point of whether to accept what it is being told by the masses is for the highest and best good or instead to listen to its own inner voice. At the heart of the matter is the opportunity to choose to cooperate rather than compete, brotherly love and assistance rather than hate and violence. It is time to observe objectively and logically the world situations that have resulted from fear and competition; which is against Universal Law. There are certain responsibilities we must face. We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. We have made agreements a long time ago that we will have to face if we wish to reach true self freedom. This book will help us improve our understanding of life from both a human and spiritually based perception. After internalizing this information we may feel inspired to transform our life, heal ourselves and infect others with positive perceptions of life and greater compassion. We will learn how to interact with Universal energy in a constructive manner so that we may better manage our reactions. With a clearer understanding of spiritual energy and Universal Law we will be able to manage or stop the drama from repeating over and over again like a virus. It is now time to begin!

Relationships 911

Author: William C. Small
Publisher: First World Publishing
ISBN: 097155157X
Size: 11.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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At a time when 53% of marriages in America end in divorce and 60% of men as well as 55% of women have had extramarital affairs Relationships 911: Surviving Love's Emergencies provides urgent assistance for couples who really want to build and maintain a happy and healthy relationship. A relationship can appear to be happy and then reality comes along and slaps you in the face. Relationships 911: Surviving Love's Emergencies, will give you the knowledge you need to keep your relationships happy, healthy, and wealthy. Most of us go through relationship problems not because of what we know but because of what we don't know. We can be happy in our relationships once we have the knowledge we need to love correctly as loving correctly should lead us into living prosperously. Relationships 911: Surviving Love's Emergencies contains the knowledge you need to make your love relationship joyous and prosperous.